From the Trenches: State of Mobile Automation frameworks

A few months ago Appium migrated to W3C protocol, added AI, and integration for custom plugins for element search, that anybody can implement. Apple released Xcode 10 with abilities run XCUITest in Parallel. Google released EarlGrey with support for accessibility in iOS12 and then there is Flutter with its driver package for integration testing.

As you see, there has been a lot of recent developments and additions in the mobile testing world. This talk aims at covering them and also review its current state and suggest some key pointers when selecting a tool and review their usage and weaknesses


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Proposed Outline:(Subject to change)

  1. Appium current state and Future state
  2. Appium Internals ( A primer)
    1. EspressoDriver
    2. XCUITestDriver
    3. Best practices or tips using Appium
  3. Espresso + and -
  4. XCUITest + and -
  5. EarlGrey
    1. Internals (grey box testing)
    2. + and -
  6. When to use and When not to use - Summary with the table on tool suggestion
  7. Extras
    1. Flutter
    2. Detox
    3. ATD
    4. Docker-android

Learning Outcome

What is Appium's current state?

What to expect in Appium, near future?

What are other mobile automation frameworks exists and when to use them?

What are the key factors when considering a mobile automation framework?

Tips and tricks

Target Audience


schedule Submitted 2 years ago

  • Manoj Kumar

    Manoj Kumar / Diego Molina - Appium at Scale - Mobile Grid workshop

    480 Mins

    Selenium Grid can be a bit daunting to get up and running. Starting it is quite easy, but using it effectively can require pulling in third-party tools. In this workshop we’ll cover how to run your grid effectively, using best practices culled from several large grid installations with a hybrid setup for both Selenium and Appium tests.