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  • Jonathan Lipps

    Jonathan Lipps - Appium: The Next Generation

    Jonathan Lipps
    Jonathan Lipps
    Project Lead
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 Mins

    Appium hit the open source stage almost 7 years ago and has gone through many iterations of development since then. In this talk, we'll look at how Appium continues to grow, and how the Appium devs are working to ensure Appium's relevance for the future.

    The world of testing is rapidly changing. It's not just about functional correctness anymore: UX testing, performance testing, visual testing, and no doubt several other kinds of testing have descended upon us. Tools and methodologies have also proliferated—image analysis, AI, and other new terms give us pause. What will testing even be like in 5 years?

    I don't know the future, but I know that Appium's philosophy and development methodology are well-suited to ensuring Appium adapts to whatever the testing ecosystem becomes, and I'll give examples both of how Appium itself is evolving to take advantage of new technologies, as well as how Appium's own ecosystem is growing (through a proliferation of Appium-related vendors and products). And of course, we'll save a bit of time for something … interesting.

  • Jonathan Lipps

    Jonathan Lipps / Daniel Graham / Kazuaki Matsuo - Fix a bug become a committer

    480 Mins

    Have you ever wondered how Appium works under the covers? Do you get frustrated with locators not locating, app screens not loading, or test behaving inconsistently from one run to the next? Appium is an attempt to unify thousands of disparate elements across a wide spectrum of challenges into a single, common interface that works seamlessly across all the major mobile and desktop OSs - and yet only a handful of volunteers work to maintain this gigantic effort. If you would like to enhance your own Appium experience while contributing back to the software that has defined so many of our careers, come to this workshop. We'll dissect the different elements of Appium, dive into its internals, learn how it was built and how to make changes to it, and even write a unit test you can contribute on the same day!

1. What got you started/interested in Testing?

I first got passionate about automated testing in a field very far away from app development. I was working on my Linguistics MPhil thesis at Oxford, in which I was trying to build a computational model of Swahili grammar. I had tons and tons of input forms and I needed to make sure that they all produced the correct output form as a result of my model. I kept breaking things in weird places by updating the model, so eventually I wrote a script that would automatically run a huge set of input cases and verify the model produced correct output for them. Now I could make a change in my model and get instant feedback about what it had broken. This was my discovery of unit testing!

2. What has been your best moment/highlight working with Appium?

There have been so many fun and gratifying experiences working with Appium, it's hard to pick just one! Definitely a highlight from the Appium development perspective was when the Appium core team got together in Vancouver in the summer of 2015 and began to rewrite the entire Appium codebase from scratch. We'd had two years of code accumulated and so we knew what we wanted to throw away, and we had some good ideas about how to rearchitect Appium for future sustainability. Those few days working together, we produced some of the most interesting bits of Appium's core server logic, and I'm still overly proud of how well that went. And I think in retrospect we did a pretty good job, since the architecture has stood the test of time for the last 4 years at least.

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Mobile Testers today?

The pace of change. The problems mobile testers need to solve, and the tools that are available to solve those problems, are changing faster than we can accommodate. This is one of the driving forces behind Appium---keep a stable API on top of a shifting set of underlying technologies, to help keep testers sane and relevant while the world spins madly on!

4. What is your advice to testers, who are new to automation?

Don't be concerned about automation for automation's sake. Be concerned about solving the problem that's set in front of you (of course, assuming it's the right problem to solve in the first place). When you begin to understand what it takes to solve a problem, you'll know how and when to use automation effectively. It's a tool to reach for like any other.

5. Tell us about the session/s you will be presenting at the conference and why did you choose those topics?

I'll be giving one of the keynote presentations, sharing some ideas about the future of Appium based on what we've seen so far. And I can't say too much more because the main idea is to have a bit of fun with it and inspire all of us to do interesting and creative things with Appium! That is what will keep Appium moving into the future.

6. What are some of the key takeaways from your session/s?

It would be inappropriate for me to give these away ahead of time!

7. Which are your favourite sessions at Appium Conf? (Sessions that you are looking forward to attend)

It's hard to narrow down favorites, but of course I'm looking forward to the desired capabilities tour de force from my colleague Jonah Stiennon. I'm also excited to catch Angie Jones discussing visual testing, as I'm a big fan of what she and Applitools are doing. I'm sure Jason Huggins will have something exciting to share with us as he always does, and of course I'm ready to be inspired by the lightning talks! I could just list out the schedule here but that probably wouldn't be helpful...

8. Any personal message/remarks you want to share with the Testing community in India?

It's been 9 years since I first visited India and I'm very much looking forward to coming back! I know based on feedback how important Appium is to the Indian testing community, and the reverse is also very true. So I'm definitely looking forward to meeting many of you and thanking many of you for the passion and support you have for this little open source project which has become such a big part of our professional lives!