Test automation on the living room devices

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Have you noticed how many new streaming services have popped up over the last few years? Not only Netflix and HBO, but also Disney+, Apple TV and many more global and regional brands. The streaming / entertainment industry is booming, which means someone has to develop, test and deliver all those streaming applications for every device that is capable of video playback – from your mobile phone and desktop browser to Smart TVs, streaming sticks and set-top boxes. But how do you automate tests on all these exotic platforms?

In this talk you will learn which tools are currently there, what their strong and weak sides are, and how Appium 2.0 and its upcoming driver's ecosystem can change the rules for test automation on living room devices.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Intro, explain the topic of the talk - 5m

  • Describe the high level problem: - 5m

    • why is it hard to automate living room devices?

    • device fragmentation

    • developer and automation tools

  • Describe practical pain points: - 5m

    • controlling the device

    • getting data from the device

  • Describe how it is being done at the moment by most test automation solutions: - 10m

    • screen grabbing: calibrated cameras and HDMI grabbers

    • visual assertions: computer vision, reference images etc.

  • How Appium 2.0 and the new driver ecosystem can resolve most of those issues, what changes should we expect in the next few years related to living room device testing - 10m

  • What can be tested and what can’t, when to automate and when not to. When to use real TVs vs emulators. Practical insight based on Suitest experience - 10m

Learning Outcome

  • How to overcome challenges posed by living room device automation?
  • What tools are there for test automation on Smart TVs?
  • What to expect in the near future, with Appium 2.0 release?
  • When to automate and when not to?

Target Audience

Test automation engineers who need to create cross-platform tests, including on Smart TVs. QA managers.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of test automation concepts.


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