Testing Mobile Apps with Flutter and Appium - The Tradeoffs

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Google is moving quite fast with the Flutter technology and more and more organizations are switching their apps from native implementation to Flutter. Understanding what Flutter is, what are the challenges and limitation of the technology as well as the benefits is key for a good test engineer in that space.

In this session, Eran Kinsbruner, Senior Director and Author from Perfecto at Perforce and Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju, Senior solution engineer at Perfecto, will provide insights into Flutter technology, flutter testing framework and the differences between Flutter with Dart and Appium Flutter driver. 
specifically focus on the google based Flutter driver and the appium driven community implementation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


we will start with a brief overview of the mobile landscape and why Flutter is important (5-10 min), than continue to the differences between mobile native and flutter apps (5 min). The main part following that ,would be a technical comparison between the 2 framework with pros/cons (15 min). We will conclude with a recommendation on how to use appium flutter to automate as maximum use cases of your mobile apps.

Learning Outcome


Audience will leave the session knowing:

1) What is Flutter

2) Benefits of Flutter

3) Flutter testing vs. Appium with Flutter testing (Appium 2.0)

4) The important capabilities of appium flutter implementation  

Target Audience

Test automation engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees


Basic knowledge of Flutter and Appium




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