How I trouble shoot test fails on Appium tests

How your Appium tests working? Are they working well as you expect? If no, you've probably come to a right place! 


As some of you might know, E2E tests can be flaky. When an Appium test fails, most of the cases you'll start an investigation by checking an Appium log. For those who just started testing with Appium, an Appium log looks like a mass of string. This can be sometimes a barrier to continue E2E tests with Appium.


In this session, firstly I'll cover what Appium log consists of and some basic techniques how to investigate Appium tests with Appium log. Then, I'll share you where to find possible solutions/workarounds. In the end, I'll shed light upon one of the well known troubles on Appium testing and how to avoid the trouble.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 05min: Self Introduction
  • 05min: Why E2E test
  • 05min: Why Appium tests fail
  • 10min: Understand appium log
  • 05min: Look for a solution
  • 05min: The most challenging part of trouble shooting
  • 10min: Conclusion and QA

Learning Outcome

  • Pros & cons of E2E tests
  • Understand how to take a look at appium log
  • Where to find a possible solution/workaround

Target Audience

Test automation engineers. Those who have started working with Appium

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