Using Mobile SMS OTPs for Authentication on Mobile apps using Appium & Twilio SDK

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Many Apps rely on Mobile Number based OTP Authentication, we came across a similar use case on one of the projects, to keep our testing closer to reality we started using Twilio and the ability to read inbound SMS's on the numbers we use to authenticate users. We prepared a small helper for Codeceptjs, to demonstrate how this could be useful for many other companies who have a similar use case. The Twilio Helper is just a way to show how Twilio SDK could be used to leverage the use case of Authentication with OTP's, the idea could be used for any framework and in any supported Language. 


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

1) Intro - 2 mins

2) Procedure to set up such an account for testing on Twilio - 3 mins

3) Intro to helper for Twilio - 5 mins

4) Live execution Demo on a mobile application using the helper - 5 mins

5) Q & A - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

Find a better way to use OTP-based Authentication on your E2E Mobile tests without the hassle of getting the auth-tokens

Target Audience

QA teams having similar user flows for their apps, Teams who have been looking for a solution for Mobile Number based Authentication in their CI/CD workflows on different Environments.


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