Building an appium driver to automate custom built hardware

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With version 2.0 appium aims to transition from being a server which bundles many drivers to one which by default doesn't bundle any drivers, and instead provides an interface for retrieving and using drivers. 

The main goal being: a more accessible and easy way to write new custom drivers.

But how useful would a custom appium driver really be? What are its possible use cases? And is it worth the development effort?

During the talk I want to highlight the capabilities and possible use cases of appium 2.0 by giving a walkthrough of how we at headspin satisfied a business requirement by creating a custom appium driver for a custom piece of hardware.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Intro - 2 min

- Business Requirement - 2 min

- Demo -2 min

- Overview of top to bottom development process - 3 min

- Q&A session - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

After the talk you will get a better understanding of:

- appium 2.0 use cases

- a high level overview example of how to implement an appium driver for custom hardware

Target Audience

Mobile QA Automation, Software Developers/Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

- Appium basics


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