Leveraging Beauty & Brains for Effective Data Storytelling

Are you tired of creating beautiful graphs that only serve as decoration? Do you want to take your data visualizations to the next level and turn them into a powerful decision-making tool? Don't settle for flashy concepts that have no practical use; learn how to combine beauty with brains and make your data actionable with effective data storytelling.

Join us to identify ways of turning your data into a cohesive strategy for the short and long term. Explore the five "Stages of the Spectrum" and learn how to exploit both internal and external ideas to drive decisions with data. You'll see firsthand the difference between impact and influence, and how to make sure your data has a real effect on your business.

American mathematician John Tukey once said, "The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see." Let us show you how to capitalize on those unexpected insights and turn them into a competitive advantage. You'll discover how to catch the right blend of art and science, as you go from concept to reality, making sure your ideas become a reality, not just fluff.

In this session, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to create visualizations that drive decision-making and business outcomes. Don't settle for pretty pictures without impact; join us to uncover how to blend creativity with analytical thinking, thus leveraging art and science to make your data work for you.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

To elaborate on the above description, this is a high-level outline that forms the framework of my presentation (strongly recommended and highly acclaimed as a KEYNOTE):
The Five Stages of the Spectrum (along the way from concept to reality in UI/UX design) are...
1. Conception
2. Inception
3. Perception
4. Inspection
5. Direction

To recap, this is a practical, riveting, keynote-style challenge for dev ops professionals to rethink their data storytelling and/or analytics reporting strategy. Can art and science be blended? Can beauty and brains be leveraged? Is it possible to combine form and function? This session will answer these questions and many more.

I plan to engage the audience and draw them in with object lessons, question/answer, and other interactive means, drawing upon my decades of experience as an educator and IT professional. Although other versions of this presentation have been given at other conferences, I always customize my presentations to meet the needs of the audience and conform to the theme of the conference. My 30-plus years of experience have uniquely equipped me to do so.

Learning Outcome

The participant/attendee will...
* Recognize the five stages of the data visualization spectrum, applying & leveraging them into a cohesive visualization strategy
* Discover the difference between impact/influence and how that plays into making data actionable
* Ascertain how the four-step iterative implementation cycle works (Deploy, Discover, Discern, Develop)

Target Audience

People interested in ensuring their data storytelling and business intelligence strategy is effective for decision makers to derive needed insight.



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