How can teams that have to deal with large, complex legacy systems get through planning and get to work? The Exorcist was a master at this.

Introduction: Creating understanding through conversation can be very difficult for teams dealing with complex, legacy systems.

Introducing Regan McNeil: Poor Regan McNeil was starting go insane, but a team of doctors and specialists in close, face-to-face collaboration, couldn't solve her problem.

The Exorcist: The Exorcist knew how to have just enough conversation to get to work, so his team could deliver the value everyone had been working and praying for.

Summary: "In life, understanding is the booby prize". Sometimes the quest for understanding can be an impediment to delivering value. Having faith in self-organization, sometimes its best just to get to work


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

This is a lightning talk that's presented Pecha Kucha style. Optimally, it should last about 10 minutes, although I can cut it down to a true Pecha Kucha if need be.

Learning Outcome

The listeners should learn that attempting to obtain understanding through face-to-face conversation can sometimes actually be an impediment to delivering value. Sometimes, the most important thing to get to delivery is just to get to work.

Target Audience

Appropriate for anyone attending this conference


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  • Hugo Messer

    Hugo Messer - How to manage distributed teams successfully

    Hugo Messer
    Hugo Messer
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    90 Mins

    In Hugo’s workshop, participants will create a best practice board in teams of 5-6 people. The teams go through each block of ‘The Bridge Canvas’. The goal is to share best practices, ideas and experiences. Per block, each team selects the ‘best best practice’. At the end of the workshop, each team will present the best best practices for each block.


    At the start of the workshop, Hugo shares a few best practices (personal ones + from other distributed agile experts). Each person gets a handout with clear instructions. This includes some questions to stimulate thinking within the team + some best practice examples per block.