The three most common techniques used today for capturing requirements are Feature Writing, Use Cases and User Stories. If you are a requirements analyst and have not mastered at least one of these techniques, it is vital that you do so. Mastering all three is even better.


In this session we will look at all three techniques and understand the real differences between them. There are some similarities, but there are far more differences than overlaps. We will also discuss when it is best to use which of these three powerful techniques.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


The most common techniques for capturing requirements... and their pros and cons for each!

Putting it all together... lets leverage all the pros and evade all the cons!

An example... because it is much easier to understand than lots of slides.

Learning Outcome

In this session you will learn the formats, strengths and weaknesses of the major requirement techniques: Features, Use Cases, User Stories, as well as when to use which technique and some hard core best practices for all three.

Target Audience

Agile Team Members

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