How many stories can your team estimate in an hour? Which estimation technique is the best one currently in use in your organization? When was the last time you tried something new? Our teams embrace the idea of innovation and experimentation, two concepts that should be in the hearts of every agile thinker, but which I see lacking in many of my clients. They are afraid to innovate, they are told not to deviate, and often, their agile leaders want consistency over productivity! Insane!


Our teams use “measured innovation” which encourages everyone to start saying YES to new ideas, and our fast estimation technique is one of the results of this approach. If you join us in this session you will learn four cool things: 1. How to estimate faster, 2. How to use Measured Innovation to prove an idea is a good one, 3. How estimation technique changes over time, 4. How to estimate for stories, release and entire projects. And we’ll even explain why relative estimation works and why people use Fibonacci numbers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Estimation Basics

Team Estimation

Story Time and Estimation

Release Estimation

New Project Estimation

Learning Outcome

Teams will be able to estimate faster than traditional planning poker and with equal accuracy.

Teams will also understand how to contribute to release and new project estimation.

Target Audience

Agile Team Members

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