Is architecture the same as preliminary design? Nope. Do we do architecture up front, then do iterative development after the architecture is done? Nope. Can you (or your architects) explain the purpose of the architect in just two or three major bullets? You tell me.


In this session we will give you an elegantly simple three main bullet explanation of what an architect is. We will also show you the models architects and designers should produce and why that is so important. We’ll also show you why requirement analysts are trained to separate functional from non-functional requirements.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Definition of Architecture

Architecture vs Design: a Separation of Concerns

Architecture up Front vs Agile Iterations

Architectural Mechanisms

Boundary Entity Control Pattern

4+1 Views of Architecture


Learning Outcome

In this session you will learn why it is vital to separate functional from non-functional requirements. We will learn what a conceptual architectural model should look like vs a physical one. And the same for the conceptual design model vs a physical one. And the timing of all four of these models. We will also look at the impact of iterative on architecture and how to enable iterative development using these models.

Target Audience

Agile Team Members

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