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This presentation will share my learnings with you in the form of approaches and dimensions to accelerate business agility. We will examine a number of pitfalls that large organisations face, including; 
  • Established enterprises who are not challenged enough in the market place (e.g.: customers are OK with current product offerings, quality, No impact/threat on revenue streams for next few years, No disruptive competitors etc.) may not see an immediate need for business agility leading to long-term disadvantages.
  • Sometimes enterprises embark in an agile journey with an "adopt" mindset without considered the context of their business. In the process the agile implementation may suffer and result in a less than suitable option for their enterprise. 
  • Startups or innovation groups within enterprises are starting to experiment with business agility but executives and senior management still restrict their focus more towards delivery agility (scrum teams, scrum of scrums).
To conclude, for the overall success of the enterprise it is of utmost importance to strike the right balance between business, organization and delivery agility. And though, in many enterprises, business agility is still a niche area, I believe that it’s going to be "The Next Big Wave"

Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Introduction & BA context - 5 min

  •  Cisco Business and the products - 2 min
  •  Why business agility? - 3 min

Dimension and Approach- 15 min

  • Three stage approach - 10 min
  • High level dimensions which enables the Three stage approach and associated challenges– 5 min

Q & A  

Learning Outcome

  • High level overview on BA approach
  • Insights into the dimensions and the practical perspectives
  • Things to watch out  (potential challenges/systemic obstacles in an enterprise environment)

Target Audience

This session is for directors, product marketing/managers, engineering managers, Agile coaches, program managers, who are either making, or are going to make the Business Agility journey.


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