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I've been learning about Agile via osmosis for quite a long time by being married to a developer/UX designer. So when I was working on an article about creating a new marketing plan I started thinking about how ridiculously outdated these huge documents were. Two week iterations simply seemed right and sensible to me, and I couldn't imagine that no one else had thought of this idea. I Googled, "agile marketing," and I've been hooked ever since. Using agile principles on my marketing team allowed me to focus on my work as a writer and content strategist while confidently contributing to organizational goals. Basically, it kept me sane during some crazy professional periods. I'm now doing my best to share Agile's potential with other marketers through any means possible.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

1. Start with the story of me researching marketing plans, how ridiculous I found them, and how I kept comparing those huge waterfall documents to the sprints our development team was using. 

2. How and why my marketing team decided to start off using Scrum -- availability of local trainings and other information, familiarity with the methodology through dev, the structure felt comfortable. 

3. A look at the ongoing evolution of the team, including experiments with Kanban and eventually Scrumban. I'd also like to cover the changes we made to some agile ceremonies, like standup an our retrospectives, to better fit in our own team context. 

Learning Outcome

I'd like people to come away understanding that a marketing transformation may not look like one that would happen in IT or development, but it should be allowed to take its own course. Marketers should be able to forge their own path and iterate on their process in the ways that work best for their unique team structure and organizational demands. 

Target Audience

Marketers or anyone interested in learning about Agile's expansion beyond IT



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