Innovation Agility – who says the corporate behemoth can’t achieve that?

location_city New York City schedule Feb 24th 11:30 - 11:50 AM EDT people 1 Interested
  • Unlike traditional wisdom, the innovation is not the birthright of true tech startups. It’s very much alive in the large corporation.
  • No doubt, there are challenges to innovate and incubate in a large Large existing customer base and applications to maintain come across as common challenges. However, when a corporation creates an innovation mindset and makes the appropriate adjustment, they unleash the organic innovation train.
  • In this presentation, I will share my experience of building strategy and leading the incubation within a large corporation.

Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Creating the culture for “intrapreneurship” and foster intrapreneurial employees and teams.
  • Morphing management style from "Command & Control" to. "Engage, Enable and Explore” and creating the right ecosystem for autonomous work.
  • Shifting to Lean-Agile principles and practices and leverage the powers of experimentation.
  • Morph the large corporation challenges into innovation advantages

Learning Outcome

  • Appreciate the need and challenges of innovation agility in large corporations. Gain insight into what large corporation can do to set up the culture, shift management styles and processes to obtain the innovation agility and drive business agility.

Target Audience

Portfolio Managers, Product Manager, Product Owners, Software strategy and delivery Executives, innovation leaders, Change leaders. SCRUM Masters, Program managers

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