location_city New York City schedule Feb 23rd 04:00 - 04:20 PM EDT

During the 20-minute presentation, Nick will share his experience as a former Navy Special Operations Officer (e.g., SEALs, EOD and Diving) serving as a coach for other Navy SPEC OPS leaders and how they demonstrated leadership agility. He will also focus on how leaders like Sally Jewel, former CEO of REI and now Secretary of the Interior, embraced leadership agility to help transform REI to a more agile organization. Nick will also share his experience working with Mark Nelson, President at Aramark, to sponsor a decade-long focus on leadership agility, to help create a more agile enterprise, resulting in Aramark’s placement on the Fortune 50 list.

Dr. Horney will reinforce the stories with leadership agility data gathered from several thousand leaders over a period of about 10 years. The primary purpose of the data is to demonstrate where the typical strengths and weaknesses are in developing leadership agility.


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