Designing organisations that work for Lean and Agile thinking people.

location_city New York City schedule Feb 23rd 11:10 - 11:30 AM EDT

What do Lean and Agile principles tell us about the way we need to design, build and operate modern businesses? Can we design organisations that are adaptive, innovative and engaging for employees, managers and leaders alike? The presentation will demonstrate the importance of organisational design and route-map sequencing to create conducive work-climates for Lean and Agile thinkers.

Lean and Agile workplaces depend heavily on the management choices for work design, measurement, rewards, organisational structures, working practices, methods and approaches to management and staff relationships.
These choices combine in complex ways to create a perception of ‘how it feels to work here’, which we call the ‘work-climate’. Research has demonstrated that work-climate is a proven predictor of long-term business performance.

During any change program, behaviours take time to adjust to new practices. Therefore, measuring and plotting the change in the work-climate provides assurance your changes are having the desired effect. Measuring and monitoring the work-climate will also detect any undesired effects and enable corrective actions to be taken.

By examining the ‘work-climate’, we can then ask the following questions:
What are the best choices for managers to make?
What needs to be eradicated?
What needs to be redesigned?

Our survey method, in addition to assessing behaviours, provides insight into the influence on the work-climate as a result of management choices in the following areas:

• How organisational design impacts collaboration
• Managing practices, such as continuous-improvement and governance
• End-to-end service performance
• Service quality
• Innovation and change ability
• Customer centricity
• Leadership style

The survey provides direction and demonstrable evidence the work-climate is moving in the right direction to support Lean and Agile working.


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