Join us in New York City for the 2nd Business Agility Conference. Last year was a fantastic event and this year will be even better. We're looking for great stories in business agility; anything from organisational design, market disruption and product innovation, agile outside IT and next-gen leadership. We have a preference for unusual or unique stories outside IT. However, they must be authentic. No ideas, models or frameworks that have only been tried once.

The format for the conference continues to be unique. There are no tracks - just a single (large) room for everyone. Each day is broken into three (2.5 hour) sessions; the Executive Panel (for senior leaders to tell their stories about organisation transformation), Thought-Leader Panel (for academics and thought-leaders to share the latest stories from the industry) and the Practitioner Panel (for practitioners to share their stories from the trenches). Each session will consist of 3, 20-minute, "art of the possible" stories, a short Q/A with all the speakers and a “deep dive” into the domain.

What is your "art of the possible" story?