The Day We Sacked the Coach - Experience Report of Agile at a Mid-sized Non-IT Company

A mid-sized company tried Agile once, failed, still thought it was a good idea, hired an Agile coach, and tried again. This is the story of .id’s (called “id”, without pronouncing the dot) 2nd Agile journey (ups and downs) and their experience with

  • team structure for the whole organisation
  • experiments to drive change (including one where they sacked the coach)
  • enhanced communication
  • relationship between business and teams

“Actually, we don’t think of ourselves as an IT company…” At .id, demographic data is transformed into knowledge to enable customers to make smart decisions. Where to open the next store. Where to build the next school. These things.

Not being a technology company by nature (most of their 48 employees are demographic data experts), this is a case study of Agile beyond IT.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

The session is structured into these parts:

  • Start: Before the 2nd try
  • Re-start: from resource pool to the first Agile team
  • Upstart: more teams and how they work together
  • Nonstarters (yet): what the future holds for Agile @ .id

Throughout the session we will use lots of real life stories from .id and share what we learned from them.

Learning Outcome

What will participants get out of this session?

  • Ideas for their own Agile journey (gains and pains)
  • How Agile can be applied outside IT
  • How Agile influences almost every aspect of a company

Target Audience

People from small to mid-sized companies outside IT (or with only little IT) who want to get inspired about what an Agile journey could like like for them.

Prerequisites for Attendees

The audience should be at least a little experienced in Agile.

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