Agile Marketing in the Real World - The CA Technologies story

How can large, traditional marketing organizations - those that rely on functional departments, and annual marketing plans / budgets hope to keep up? We believe the answers lie in an Agile approach, and we are working hard to transform our marketing department from a plan / interrupt driven culture to one that can quickly sense and respond to customer needs and market changes.
This is easier said than done in a 350 person organization, but we are finding the solutions are familiar, and are rooted in a scaled agile approach.

Our journey isn’t complete yet, but we are seeing real results. Hear the highlights of CA’s journey to marketing agility - The achievements, challenges, learnings that you can apply as you set about implementing Agile Marketing or Business Agility at large in your organization


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

As it is a short session I would briefly cover each of these key topics:

  • what Agile Marketing is
  • How implementing Agile Marketing is different than Agile Development and what can we learn from it as we undertake other Business Agility transformations.
  • how it ties into Business Agility
  • when/how to scale agile marketing - specifically how we've done it in CA Technologies
  • achievements, challenges, and learnings from the transformation

Learning Outcome

  • Key ingredients for successful business agility transformation (in Agile Marketing and beyond):
  • Agile Marketing (And Business Agility at large) is possible not just for small nimble companies but also for large organizations with hundreds of marketers and several legacy silos.
  • Blueprint for implementing agile marketing in a classic marketing organization - What are the key practices, how to start, what to pay attention to.
  • Differences between Marketing and Product Development to be aware of when extending Agile towards Marketing in your organization - the same would apply for other disciplines you try to apply Business Agility to as well.

Target Audience

Marketing Leaders, Change Agents, Other leaders interested in a Business Agility transformation

Prerequisites for Attendees

It would be ideal (but not mandatory and not really expected) if participants get acquainted with Agile Marketing and a higher level organizational agility picture before the session by reading one or more of the following:

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