As part of the agile transformation journey, the client organizations that I was coaching decided not to limit the journey to the IT but take it beyond IT for a more rewarding experience and results. This needed mentoring and coaching to convince how agile can work beyond IT in the organization and why true enterprise agility is all about Business Agility and not just Product Development. The business groups that were taken up as part of this were - HR, Sales and Marketing, Finance and R&D that focused on new product development. Unless each of the enabling functional units also become agile, enterprise agility will remain a myth.

And most times, when we have an already existing organization, and we recommend functional units also to be agile in their areas, we get two answers – “agile is only for IT / product development” or “we are too busy now, we will take this up later time (which never comes)”.

Each of these business units needed to be treated differently as one-size-fit-all won’t work here. So we took each business group and worked with them to get the full picture of their work, what happens in a day to what happens in a quarter and in one year. These inputs were considered to break the work into smaller pieces so that we could bring best practices of scrum. Backlogs were created with the inputs and visual boards were set up to complete the agile experience.

I used a combination of scrum and Kanban for these business units and at the same time keeping it light weight so that the biz units do not find the transformation journey heavy and time consuming. The whole transformation was to “begin from where you are” rather than, let’s start from scratch. This was a key element in buy in and also the end successful results.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  1. Introduction – 2 minutes
  2. Walk through for each biz unit experience - 10 minutes
  3. Results – 2 minutes
  4. Do’s and Don’ts – 2 minutes
  5. Q&A and wrap up – 4 minutes

Learning Outcome

  1. Understanding agile and applying it beyond theory outside of IT
  2. Applying agile in HR, sales and marketing and Finance teams and how it fits so well
  3. Advantages of being agile enterprise-wide and not limiting to IT product development
  4. Dos and Donts before and during the journey

Target Audience

Business Leaders, Enterprise Leaders, Transformation Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Projector and screen



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