Designing agile enterprises from the compelling future outside

Marketers have a turn of phrase - give them a magnet, not a mirror. This phrase applies to agile enterprise design not just product strategy. Agile organizations link outwards to things larger than themselves and to the near distant future to 'pull' - strategy (vision), people (engagement), operations (change management) along. We'll tee up a few examples of companies who do this well by minding the health of their ecosystem as much as their own business, and we'll see how that makes them extremely agile. Inspiration will come from the music industry and gaming sectors.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

20 min. TedX style talk with visually rich slides. Enough storytelling to generate some rich questions and follow-on exploration. Stories (case studies) will come from the music (GroundUP Music, a new record label, that has created a galaxy of value around itself) and the kids gaming industry (the revised 'speed cubing' phenomenon, and one player in it, to show examples of designing business from the outside in, and from the magnetizing future back to present.

Learning Outcome

- two reference case studies (one from music, the other gaming) that will be highly memorable

- stimulate thought provoking questions

- remark on qualities of leadership needed for these biz designs

- suggest a few next gen business competencies required

Target Audience

executives, strategists, innovation leads, discovery teams, product managers, architects

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing really in particular

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