In the era where your business is being disrupted, velocity, agility, quality and customer experience is critical to drive differentiation to remain competitive. Although, some believe that DevOps is only for startups and unicorns, researches has identified DevOps has reached “escape velocity”! As per latest trends, organizations are leveraging agile development techniques, automated CI/CD pipelines, testing and release automation, to deliver differentiated products.

Implementing DevOps is more than just implementing tools. It requires thinking -- and acting -- differently about everything from budgeting and program management to architecture and compliance. This interactive discussion will present what devops is and, just as importantly, what it isn't from the leadership perspective, and takes you through the journey you'll need to embark on in order to achieve the outcomes DevOps promises. It will also allow you to review your maturity versus that of the market. Additional topics for discussion will include how DevOps is adding value within your enterprise and how will the adoption of containers and serverless computing will further drive its adoption.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

We will have an overview of the upcoming challenges that we face as and how DeVops will bring you through these changes on top. We will discuss real time experiences as in the DevOps process, with key strategies used to ensure quality is infused in every step of your process.

Learning Outcome

  • How to iteratively improve your software through CI/CD
  • What is a DevOps culture? How to build it
  • How to embrace a DevOps culture
  • Gain a new, simplified framework for quantifying and communicating their organization's DevOps maturity.
  • Learn practical best practices and strategies, based on real-world experiences in enabling DevOps in the enterprise [as appropriate]
  • See examples of tools and technologies that are enabling organizations to move more quickly across the DevOps Quadrant Maturity Model

Target Audience

This session is aimed at people who want to adopt or start on the path to DevOps in their enterprise, and aren’t sure that it can work for them.

Prerequisites for Attendees

It would be nice if the participants know their own software development processes so that they can use my team's experiences to deduce ways to improve their own teams/enterprises processes.

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