Agile adoption in most companies focuses on software delivery. Very few achieve business agility.

When it comes to setting goals, the waterfall mindset is still the norm. Most organizations use an annual, top-down process to create a set of static goals that is in direct conflict with Agile.

Waterfall goals and metrics turn teams into "feature factories" with no focus on delivering value. At the same time, they make companies slow to change while increasing risk and waste.

This talk will show how one tech company used OKR (Objectives and Key Results), the Agile goal setting framework adopted by Google and others, to move from Delivery Agile to Full-Stack Agile, embracing the mindset in all layers of the organizational stack (Culture, Strategy, Tactics, and Goals).


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Why Waterfall goals are an impediment to Business Agility.
  • Delivery Agile vs. Full-Stack Agile.
  • Intro to OKR (Objectives and Key Results).
  • How one tech company used OKR to move towards Business Agility.
  • Wrap-Up.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding that although we have been using Agile for software delivery, the other organizational layers are mostly waterfall.
  • Full Stack Agile as a model to expand Lean and Agile.
  • The need to evolve Agile to focus on value instead of features.
  • Using OKRs to create cultural transformation.

Target Audience

C-Level Executives, Middle Management, Agile Coaches, Senior Engineers, Human Resource Managers and Consultants.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowlege of Agile and Lean Startup.

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