Agile is optimized for small teams, and The Agile Manifesto doesn't say anything about scaling Agile, so can it scale to support enterprise marketing organizations? In this session the co-hosts of The Marketing Agility Podcast will share insights that you can bring back to your organization to help scale your Agile implementation. They'll share how to approach scaling frameworks, where the biggest pitfalls lie, and examples from companies that are getting it right.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Introductions
  • The general challenge with scaling human processes (Dunbar's number)
  • The specific challenge of scaling (Agile is for small teams)
  • Why overhead costs grow faster than team size
  • Why small teams are more engaged
  • How to get the benefit of small teams but also scale ...
  • The most common scaling frameworks
  • Key themes across the frameworks
  • Shuhari and nested restrospectives
  • Adoption patterns
  • The biggest challenge: restructuring

Learning Outcome

In this session, participants will learn

  • Does Agile really scale and how?
  • What are the major scaling frameworks?
  • What's the best way to leverage these frameworks?
  • What are the biggest challenges that I'll face?
  • What companies are getting it right?

Target Audience

Marketing Practitioners and Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session is for marketing leaders and practitioners working at enterprise companies or companies where scaling Agile is becoming a challenge for the marketing function.

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  • Marina Simonova

    Marina Simonova - Why do sales need Agile?

    20 Mins

    Do you know that Agile is the best thing that can happen to your sales!

    Do you know how to involve your staff and boost sales 3 to 4 times?

    Do you know that Agile transformation in a company takes half the time if you start with Sales?

    Do you want to know more? Come and hear me speak at the conference. I will gladly share.

    I practice Agile transformation and have already launched over 170 Agile Sales teams. They come from different industries, such as retail, distribution, atomic industry, medical clinics network, and many more.

    I have discovered the key to helping IT, Sales and Marketing Departments collaborate and to increase company profits 3 to 4 times.

    I travel and teach globally. In 2017 I talked about Agile Sales in Chicago. I look forward to flying to New York and sharing my step-by-step plan of Agile Transformation in Sales. I will talk about overcoming the obstacles you may face in the process.

    P.S. My whole family including our nanny uses Scrum. But that is a different story! I will tell you more about that in the breaks between presentations.

    If you find this interesting, like it! smile