Do you know that Agile is the best thing that can happen to your sales!

Do you know how to involve your staff and boost sales 3 to 4 times?

Do you know that Agile transformation in a company takes half the time if you start with Sales?

Do you want to know more? Come and hear me speak at the conference. I will gladly share.

I practice Agile transformation and have already launched over 170 Agile Sales teams. They come from different industries, such as retail, distribution, atomic industry, medical clinics network, and many more.

I have discovered the key to helping IT, Sales and Marketing Departments collaborate and to increase company profits 3 to 4 times.

I travel and teach globally. In 2017 I talked about Agile Sales in Chicago. I look forward to flying to New York and sharing my step-by-step plan of Agile Transformation in Sales. I will talk about overcoming the obstacles you may face in the process.

P.S. My whole family including our nanny uses Scrum. But that is a different story! I will tell you more about that in the breaks between presentations.

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Outline/Structure of the Keynote

1. Why Agile in Sales?

2. To earn more! This answer was given by a team who in 12 months tripled sales and earned an extra $1.3mln

3. Seven Steps to Building Agile Sales

4. Scaling. Launching Agile Culture in all sales divisions

5. Easier Said Than Done

6. #lifehack: To make more money faster, put together a cross-functional Sales and Marketing team.

7. Agile transformation will take time but the result is worth it. Be clear about why you are doing it.

Learning Outcome

You will learn:

Why Do You Need Agile

How to implement Agile in Sales.

Seven steps that will lead to a tripling of Sales, thanks to using Agile.

Overcoming the obstacles you may face in the process

Target Audience

Sales Practitioners, Business Leaders, Enterprise Leaders, Transformation Leads

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