The Agile software development manifesto changed the way teams build products. It also showed many of us a way to work that was new, innovative and worked !

As Agile becomes a word that is as comfortably used in the boardroom as on the floor of an IT firm, there are other business units and organizations that are looking at ways to make Agile work for them, not just in IT, but in functions/industries that have traditionally been very waterfall.

I will share my experience working with 2 large enterprise organizations that decided to use Agile in traditionally waterfall business units and teams, and how they made it work.

1. How a large bank in a talent saturated market used Agile to grow 4 times in less than 6 months.
2. How a mining company used Agile to improve safety & operations


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

The session is structured as follows -

  • Introduction to Agile beyond IT
  • Case Study 1 : Agile in HR
  • Case Study 2 : Agile in Heavy Industries
  • Challenges & learning from implementing Agile in non-IT context

Throughout the session we will show real life examples of how Agile was implemented and it's impact

Learning Outcome

What will participants get out of this session?

  • Practical tips of how to enable an Agile transformation in a Non-IT organization
  • Ideas on who to involve, and how to get started with an agile journey
  • Ideas on how to motivate and work with colleagues used to waterfall methods
  • Impact of implementing Agile for non-IT functions

Target Audience

Business leaders who are looking to introduce agile in non-IT teams, HR practitioners, heavy industries practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Audience needs to have a very basic understanding of Agile

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