Did you recently try to buy a paper atlas in a bookstore? A few years ago you would prefer a GPS to a paper map. Today, smartphones replaced GPSs with their navigation functionality providing more convenience at a fraction of the cost. Does it mean that the business is disrupting itself over and over again? What does it mean for large well-established enterprises? What is the right way for established businesses to use technological advancements to their advantage, and how to integrate innovation in business success?

Lean Startup is a popular concept because it provides a way for large established enterprises to survive disruption in a modern fast pacing world. Lean Enterprise is a popular topic that needs to be demystified and translated into action. In the talk, we will uncover how agile, lean, lean startup, and design thinking create a new framework for large enterprises to avoid disruption and delight their customers.

The talk aims at demystifying the way of market disruption to large businesses to allow for their survival in a modern economy. This practical advice comes from years of experience, containing both success and major failures.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

I plan to approach the session in three steps:

1. Why lean startup for an agile enterprise? In the first section, I will collaborate with the audience in identifying pain points of a large enterprise in a modern rapidly disrupted economy.

2. How change agents affect the transition for a corporate structure to a lean and highly adaptable culture? In the second section, we will cover the role of change agents in the proposed framework of building enterprise agility - from mission and vision to the team-level execution.

3. What are the common patterns and anti-patterns? In the third section, we will discuss ways to success and signs to watch for - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Along the way, I will be sharing “horror stories” and common anti-patterns from my real-life experience with nine enterprise-level agile journeys in a fun and engaging way.

Learning Outcome

In this highly practical talk, I am going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of enterprise-level adoption of lean startup practices (what I call a “lean corporation”). I will propose step-by-step instructions on how to build a “lean corporation” and avoid common traps. Building experience on Steven Blank and Eric Ries’ “lean startup” framework, this talk takes these concepts to the next level by providing step-by-step guidelines for building a culture and a structure that embraces innovation, promotes creativity, provides specific ways of welcoming disruption rather than "dealing" with it.

Target Audience

All change agents and agile practitioners in large companies who want to serve their customers

Prerequisites for Attendees

I hope that participants will be curious about disruption, innovation, adopting change at scale, and bringing an agile mindset to a corporate setting - from an enterprise-level vision to the delivery of end result to the customer. No knowledge is required, just a desire to bring positive change to a corporate setting.


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