There has been lots of robust discussion around how Agile and Change can align within both communities. However, they already align so how do we maximize the benefits of this marriage? This talk will focus on how Agile and Change align so nicely and if you are considering “transforming” then how you leverage this marriage to ensure it lasts beyond the honeymoon period. We will discuss how Change and Agile don’t need to be retro fitted to work, with real life examples of how this has been applied in several different settings.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Intro
  • Myth busters
  • Bubble wrap for transformation why and how
  • What is being and doing in an agile setting – how Change supports this
  • Successes, failures and non-negotiables for success

Learning Outcome

Attendees at this session should expect to learn:

  • What and how Agile and Change work together & why you need both
  • Why using Agile and Change is so important
  • How Being and Doing Agile are 2 different things and how Change Managers can support this
  • Examples of success, lessons learnt, and non-negotiables for success

Target Audience

Those wanting to know more about how to build an ecosystem of success – Agile & practitioners, Project Managers.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Fundamental understanding of Agile and capability uplift programs.

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  • Shelley Kirkpatrick

    Shelley Kirkpatrick / Sarah Miller - Agile Government: Helping Agencies Sense and Respond in a VUCA Environment

    20 Mins

    Even government organizations must quickly and effectively sense and respond to changes in their environment. Government agencies are updating their mission statements to include organizational agility.

    To help government organizations understand organizational agility and identify tangible actions that they can take, we developed the Government Organizational Agility Assessment (GOAA).

    We will describe the GOAA framework and assessment, including how we apply agility principles in delivering the results. We will share several stories that illustrate how the assessment participants interpreted their results and developed their own action items. We will summarize the impact that the GOAA has helped government organizations begin to change the way they carry out their work.

  • Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

    Almudena Rodriguez Pardo - Communities of Practice - the not-so-hidden force behind Ericsson ICT Development Center's Agile Success

    20 Mins

    If your company is heading for Agile at Scale, it definitely requires Self Organization at Scale!

    Organizations seeking to grow their Agile network are in dire need of empowering their workforce, and there is where Communities of Practice (CoP) take over.

    During the past few years we have seen at Ericsson ICT Development Center Aachen Eurolab (Germany) several CoPs emerge and take over the responsibility for the evolution of Kaizen, T-Shape, DevOps, employees’ motivation… even operational aspects such as 5G research or security are moving forward with the support of CoPs.

    CoPs provided the energy and drive we needed to uncover opportunities at every level in every kind of organizational unit and so pull the company forward.

    We will present to you our practical experiences, how CoPs are born, the secret of their success, and how they managed to revolutionize the way a multinational giant of the telecommunications world growths within the new Ways of Working!

  • Sarah McAllister

    Sarah McAllister / Fiona Mullen - Home is Where the Heart is - HR and Agile

    20 Mins

    There is often debate when setting up an Agile Capability Program where it should sit within the organisation. A lot of organisations align Agile programs with IT and so naturally they look for sponsorship within this area. Whilst this approach has pluses there are also minuses for this decision. This talk will focus on the HR led Agile Capability Uplift program within Synergy. We will focus on the role HR plays in driving agility and how this type of program lends itself nicely to being part of Human Resources. We will give live examples of how Agile and HR have worked to deliver a new way of working along with the structure and approach which is being used to embed it successfully.