Down to earth and back: The Agile Vs Everything Gap

"How come you're not CMMI5? Let the technical team decide..." I think I've ran into some serious situations when landing at haters fields. They are the toughest crowd but, ironically, they tend to become your best allies once you show them how we ride, by riding with them. We'll be trying to get an approach to the way we've handled these situations, what's worked, what hasn't, what's beyond the end of the tunnel, the technical and organizational compound.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Intro/ icebreaker, gathering of reactions, concensual wrap up and "where to" decision making

Learning Outcome

Handling specialized teams in project management, taking them by the hand through the agile transition.

Target Audience

Anyone who's been under the knife, just as I have

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites for the session, the goal is to build empathy and potentially expand through networking

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  • Joey Spooner

    Joey Spooner - Using the Kanban Method to "grow up" our business

    20 Mins

    Running a small business is no small task. Financial management, sales, hiring, managing people, and supporting existing clients are just a handful of activities a small business might address in a single day. So what happens when you use the Kanban Method to manage your business?

    I’ll share my experiences while training, coaching, and evolving a small business using the Kanban Method. You’ll see how the Method quickly surfaced issues, revealed hidden opportunities for innovation, and how the business is using the Method to mature the services they offer.

  • Yuval Yeret

    Yuval Yeret - Business Agility isn't about Increments (It IS all about High Tempo Testing/Experimentation)

    20 Mins

    There's a real danger that as people go into Business Agility what they'll take as inspiration from the Agile Development world is the iterations but not iterating. Real agility comes from iterating and experimenting. In this talk we will issue grave warnings as well as point towards concrete tools and practices that can support the real agility mindset of learning as fast as possible what works.

    Using marketing as an example, we will see how to apply approaches and tools such as Lean Startup, Minimum-Viable-Play, Validation Boards, Learning as part of the flow, Popcorn Flow, not just when developing products but also when developing experiences/journeys/processes.