Leadership in the Agile & Digital World - Understanding the Human and Robotic Workforce Composition

In an organisation's talent landscape, we had often talked about human resources and talent capabilities within the organisation. In the workforce today, lengthening supply chains is widening with external temporary workforce and suppliers. Before the human resource practices have caught up with looking at a complete talent management including these extensions, a new extensions had been created. This is the robotic workforce.

As a leader, how can we leverage on both the human and robotic potential in achieving business agility? Where are the boundaries and where are the levers of considerations?

In this session, I'd like to raise the awareness to this new topic, open up for future discussions and debates.

I will also be presenting our latest findings and proposition for competences of leaders in the digital world and our POC research process using personas, empathy mapping and leadership interviews.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Baseline on the human capital (what are the considerations today?)

Explore on the robotic workforce (what are the use cases?)

Leadership considerations in the workforce composition talent management topics (recruitment, engagement, mobility, learning and development)

Sharing on outcone of initial research using Kenexa Talent frameworks and human centric design methods.

Learning Outcome

New understanding on the future potential in the workforce.

Target Audience

Leaders in organisations looking at organisational change.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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