Self-selecting teams, dynamically reteaming every two days?!?

Shared-consciousness, organic networking, empowered execution, all driven by intrinsic motivation.

We read all the books. We experimented. We are doing it!


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

We were inspired. (Books, ideas, and concepts that we mashed up)

Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean, Team of Teams, Turn the Ship Around, Dynamic Reteaming, Beyond Empowerment, Simple Rules, Reinventing Organizations, Creating Great Teams (Self-selecting teams), Drive, Surfing on the Edge of Chaos, Tribal Leadership, Mob Programming, Joy Inc, Creativity Inc, Open Space Technology, The Wisdom of Crowds

We did all the things! We experimented and iterated

Describe the method/framework that emerged

What we found

Link outcomes back to theory and leave details of where to find out more.

Learning Outcome

Learn about this win/win framework of employee engagement and high-performance delivery. Highlights from a case study at Premera Health Insurance of Washington.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in better ways of organizing people around work

Prerequisites for Attendees




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