Under most circumstances, the human brain will avoid the vulnerabilities involved in generating new value. It simply will not invest the energy - except when it will.

In these 20 minutes I propose to take the group through specific examples of sparking and sustaining the kind of systemic curiousity required for Business Agility.

We'll review what I've seen to be effective creating the desired environment, including Dont's as well as Do's. Going well beyond the 'psychological safety' of Google's Aristotle project, we'll explore the social and physiological requirements, relationships, skills and practices that feed the ingenuity required for ongoing Business Agility.

Attendees will enjoy participating in one live example.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

How the brain avoids 'the new'

What sparks it to the pleasures of being Smart Enough to Contribute facing 'the new'

Examples, stories

Where to focus building the desired environment

Review: what enables Business Agility and what dumbs everyone down

Brief review of some tools and practices

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave with new information and insight that they can immediately begin practicing in their own work.

Target Audience

Leaders, coaches and consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing is required. Attendees may want to read this whitepaper Agileā“ ≠ Business Agility and this accessible slide deck.

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