Orchestrate the right path to Enterprise Agility and IT Modernization using Cognizant’s OneAgility Unified Reference Platform

Agility is crucial for any modern organization to launch disruptive products and modern digital systems. How do enterprises grow new markets and react to dynamic marketplace?

Technology leaders are attempting ways to leverage emergent forces, realize business strategy through refinement of their portfolios and stay competitive. But organizational and technical challenges impede the possibilities along the journey. Cultural inertia results in slow adoption, Siloed departments, heterogeneous configuration of tools and traditional waterfall practices seems like a dead end.

Cognizant’s OneAgility helps IT modernization by focusing on Agile Frameworks, DevOps automation, modern teams, modern engineering, modern technologies and organizational change management. It paves the way for comprehensive enterprise scale transformation.

OneAgility Platform is fungible end to end Next-Gen IT framework that integrates process blueprints, reference architectures, engineering tools and practices to drive true IT agility.

The talk would outline the growing need of digital enterprises to envision customer future state, with flexibility to jumpstart towards desired state by leveraging accelerators on the cloud such as Cognizant's OneAgility Lab.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Outline (20 mins) :

  • Discuss what is Enterprise IT Agility and how it drives business Agility, what are its challenges and recommendations?
  • What are the components of modern IT Lab to achieve the convergence of Agile Planning, Modern Teams, DevOps, Modern Architecture?
  • How new teams could experience IT agility through an immersive experience using OneAgility Lab?
  • How agility could be scaled across multiple levels of your enterprise?

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways for the audience are as follows:

  1. Get clear understanding of Enterprise IT Agility and how it drives business Agility
  2. Realize that modern organizations can experiment stages of entire software delivery value stream through controlled lab environment on cloud
  3. Build digital ready IT scalable reference platform through modern teams, modern architecture, modern engineering and modern technologies
  4. Acknowledge the need to automate real-time visibility for each stage of value stream with real-time data-driven insights

Target Audience

Portfolio and Program Managers, Product Managers, Enterprise and Portfolio Architects, System and Solution Architects, IT Transformation Change Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees



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