Can your organization afford to waste time, money and brain cells today?

It’s been decades since Taiichi Ohno of Toyota Production Systems identified 7 wastes in Lean Manufacturing. Let’s fast forward to the 21st century to explore a new spin on 7 wastes in the modern enterprise. These modern sources of enterprise waste sap the energy and resources of our organizations - making any business agility initiative longer, riskier, and more costly. Let's identify and eradicate these systemic enterprise wastes now.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

1. The Winchester Mystery House - a metaphor for enterprise growth without regard for waste at the enterprise level

2. Taichi Ohno's Original List of 7 Wastes - a quick review

  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Over Production
  • Over Processing
  • Defects
  • Human Potential

3. My Modern List of Enterprise-Level Wastes (it keeps evolving!)

  • Vision
  • Decision-Making
  • Communication
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • Culture
  • Mindset
  • Value Management

4. What's on YOUR list?

5. A Call to Action - can we afford not to address these wastes in the modern enterprise?

Learning Outcome

By the completion of this session, participants will

  • Understand how an enterprise's growth can provide rich opportunities for the organic growth of associated expensive waste
  • Recognize the impact of these enterprise level wastes on the speed and effectiveness of business agility initiatives
  • List 7 (or more) types of modern enterprise waste
  • Identify at least one area in their own organization meriting intentional work to minimize waste

Target Audience

Executives, Decision Makers, Change Agents, Leaders, Agile & Lean Practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Laura M. Powers

    Laura M. Powers - At the Heart of Business Agility - People and Interactions at Scale

    20 Mins

    Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. The Agile Manifesto opens with a strong statement of the importance of people in the world of Agile. As Agile is adopted across an enterprise – it can be easy for the human element to get lost in the processes and tools of the enterprise. Join us for this fast-paced session where we’ll talk about the evolution of business leadership and how empathy – at scale – keeps the focus on people.

  • Jess Long

    Jess Long - Found In Translation - Building Alliances Through Analogies

    Jess Long
    Jess Long
    Agile Coach
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins

    This will be a live example of how to use life events and analogies that are relatable to the fundamentals of Scrum. I will walk through my own personal backlog of living on the water and tie the trials and tribulations of such back to a Scrum Model. The details I share will be described in parallel to concepts that resemble a host of Agile themes. The intent is to have the audience consider some of their own personal experiences and how they can use those in future conversations to overcome challenges or resistance around transforming their model.

    One short activity is facilitated during the presentation that engages the audience. This is intended to emphasize the importance of getting to know your audience and highlight the repercussions of relying on assumptions.