Using lean and agile practices, Business Value Driven Development (BVDD) involves decomposing changes into small releasable items and sequencing these items to allow for the quickest value delivery. Releasable items include Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Marketable Features, Minimum Viable Features, and Minimum Business Increments. Proper decomposition ensure that these items are as minimal as possible while still providing value.

Releasable items should have relative business value estimated by the business and relative effort estimated by the implementers. Rankings such as Cost of Delay, Weighted Shortest Job First, and Bang for the Buck can be calculated. Using these rankings, the items can be sequenced in an order that effectively creates business value.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Introduction to BVDD

Releasable Items

Business Value Estimation



Learning Outcome

  • Concentrating on a small set of lean principles – a focus on business value, small increments, and transparency - helps to achieve faster value delivery
  • To focus on business value, it must be estimated and tracked
  • Decompose items into the smallest possible chunks of value

Target Audience

Project Managers, Product Owners, anyone involved with determining product or application features

Prerequisites for Attendees

Introductory knowledge of agility



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