Managers Frontier to Leadership Agility

We often expect ourselves to lead people like mythical legends with mystical abilities to influence others. Expectations and judgements are thrown at managers without consideration that they are also people. We aren’t afforded the same learning courtesy as Agile teams expect for themselves. That’s OK, because we know; no matter how safe, it’s not nice or easy to fail people. Especially those we are accountable for.

With this level of human accountability and the need to support senior management to cross ‘the Agile team to Agile leadership chasm’, it is time for a leadership agility framework that serves us, the business and our teams simply and sustainably.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

1. Evolution of Leadership and the demands agile puts on management

2. Problems of management are the symptoms of the corporation

3. Overcoming these problems with partnerships, language and private development

4. How to move from managing the people to leading the people, and manage the business margins

Learning Outcome

  • Introduction to Relational Leadership
  • Agile Leadership Development approach.
    • Case Study example from Australias Largest Telco Broadband Portfolio Program
  • Insight & empathy for the 'accidental assholes' and squeezed managers of corporations
  • Learning path for growing from being a functional manager to a liberating leader

Target Audience

Business Leaders & Team Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Desire to go beyond traditional leadership definitions and be ready to understand relational leadership to deliver an impact to the wealth & wellbeing of people AND to impact the profit and health of their business.

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