Agility for Leaders – Learning to Teach in a World that Is Rejecting Hierarchy

Agile is all about learning. But do Agile leaders know how and what to teach?

It is undisputable that Agile adoption has grown exponentially, but too much of this growth has been horizontal, not vertical, and this phenomenon has been an impediment to the expansion of Agile values and frameworks beyond the project team. Organizations are not learning to be Agile! In this presentation, “Agility for Leaders – Learning to Teach in a World that Is Rejecting Hierarchy,” Jeff Dalton shows why the lack of teaching skills leaves Agile Leaders open to the most insidious of all agile anti-patterns – an organizational type mismatch where teams are embracing agility but multiple levels of management lack basic knowledge of Agile values, ceremonies, and techniques, creating an impediment to enterprise Agile transformation.

Of all the reasons for technology leaders to embrace agility, the power of continuous learning should be at the top of the list.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Powerpoint and lecture combination, to include videos and audio. Interactive Q&A at the end.

Learning Outcome

Participants will take away the strategies, techniques and tools they need to teach our Agile Leaders how to teach

Target Audience

Agile leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic agile experience


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