Swipe Right - Organizational Matchmaking with Business and Technology

What does it take to get Business and Technology to not just work together, but swipe right? In this workshop we'll explore how we made the match between Business and Technology at Express Scripts. We'll dive deep into the emotional challenges involved in this fraught relationship, and discuss ways you can go back to your organization and build a bond stronger than business cases.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Intro - 5 mins: A match made in Heaven... Well... St. Louis - 5. Intro and background.

5 mins: Discuss as a table, what your organizations are looking for in a match.

5 mins: The Agile Transformation Office as Wing Man. Tips on how you can broker the relationship.

5 mins: Discuss as a group which of these tips you can take back to your organizations.


Learning Outcome

Attendees should leave with concrete tips they can use to build connections with their technology partners.

Target Audience

Executives, Coaches, and Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session is geared towards everyone, but a basic understanding of agility and some knowledge of organizational design may be helpful.

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