We have a theory – we are a tribe of change makers separated at birth, or at very least sharing latent strands of DNA. How else can you explain the exquisite similarities of two entrepreneurial collectives from the polar opposites of the planet?

Crisp, based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Enspiral, based in Wellington, New Zealand share a common bond. Both organizations are totally bossless, experienced vanguards at the forefront of the practice and application of self management and self organizing, Both have longevity (Crisp 15 years, Enspiral 7 years) – proof of evolutionary purpose and an agile, iterative approach.

Both organizations believe in freely sharing and copying all of their practices, agreements, processes and methodologies, and in fact encourage other organizations to copy and improve them. Our handbooks are legendary yet living artifacts in the world of self-organized non-hierarchical companies.

Michael Göthe (Crisp) and Susan Basterfield (Enspiral) believe that the profound shift that we see being enabled by Business Agility is just the tip of the iceberg. We also believe that the transition will be greatly accelerated through working collaboratively – bringing our similarities as well as our unique perspectives – even half way around the world – to realize the Future of Work.

We don’t do frameworks or dogma. We do relationships, conversations, emergence and results. We believe in the power of the team. We believe that to bring all possibilities to our clients, we need to be doing it ourselves.

At Business Agility 2018, Susan and Michael will share interwoven stories and those of our clients; how scaffolding, tools, patterns and practices create the conditions for our own organisations, as well as our, customers to emancipate their potential, including:

  • Crisplets and Working Groups
  • Livelihood Pods and Sharing the Bun
  • Decision making protocols
  • Psychological Safety
  • Full Transparency
  • How we do ‘power’

. Evolutionary purpose

. Community building

. “Happiness Index”

We count as collaborators some of the most innovative thinkers in the Future of Work arena. Michael is the 3 time convenor of Agile People Sweden, the largest non IT specific agile event in Scandinavia. In 2017, Susan shared her unique perspectives at conferences in Canada, Chile, Sweden, Korea, France and New Zealand.

At the core, we are practitioners and researchers, perhaps even anthropologists. Our findings help others have the confidence to step outside of assumptions, and into the Future of Work.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

See above

Learning Outcome

The confidence to try some of the patterns of our lived experience, and change your mind about what's possible at work.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning about lived experience and practical examples of agile business

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