Many criticize the traditional PMO as inefficient. The Agile PMO removes these criticisms through visualization, automation, Inspect & Adapt and more.

The Project Management Office (PMO) or often called, "Project Management Overhead" has been criticized as inefficient and negatively impacting delivery. The Agile PMO removes these criticisms through visualization, automation, Inspect & Adapt, Collaborative Training and Collective Influence.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Remember when the PMO was considered a burden at best and more often an impediment? Attendees will learn about how to gain "PMO popularity" through modern Agile practices. As heads of the PMO, you will learn about methods to help you focus on future long term goals without sacrificing daily management of current projects through automation. As project stakeholders, see how your PMO can advise and recommend providing intent via decentralized decision making instead of commanding and controlling your delivery approach.

The session will cover modern PMO practices, including automated reporting, project tracking techniques, Practice Leadership, Communities of Interest (COI), Portfolio oversight, Collaborative Training as a method of Knowledge Sharing and Collective Influencing.

Visualization & Automation: 5 minutes

Inspect and Adapt: 5 minutes

Collaborative Training: 5 minutes

Collective Influence: 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

Recognize that increasing the Agile maturity of the PMO would enable businesses to increase business enablement as a "force multiplier". As the underpinnings for the overall delivery culture at many Enterprises, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the PMO benefits across the entire organization through automation, servant leadership, problem solving via open experimentation, shared training and collective influence, changing the overall company culture inside-out.

Target Audience

Executives, PMO stakeholders, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

The basic constructs of the PMO and how they currently exist within the industry.

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