All future organisations will have great business agility and many will thrive. Why? Organisations that invite participation from all members towards a meaningful purpose are multiple times more financially successful than those intent on maximising their financial position. In this session we'll explore the characteristics of thriving workplaces and how to create them.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Story about an impressive display of agility
Agility in the marketplace
How agility becomes efficiency and other defense routines
Resilience and agility are synonyms
Complex and ordered contexts
Thrivability and the future

Learning Outcome

Why agility depends on connectivity within and without the organisation.
Individual growth depends largely on self-awareness.
Group transformation depends largely on cohesive goals.
Organisational transformation depends largely on authority redistribution.
The transformation is everybody's job.

What are the characteristics of thriving workplaces

How to create thriving workplaces

Target Audience

Senior Executives, Leaders, Board Members

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