Building practical framework for Agile business: challenges and ideas

The goal of the speech is to propose several concepts to help Business Agility professionals to form customized Agility framework for various companies. We will start with a very short historical overview, examine emerging needs for business survival and create a palette of tools to reorganize business to a new functional model. There are challenges for the new ways of working which we examine. The output for the talk will be a high-level framework for a company which aims to be Agile. There will be a list of coaching questions to decision-makers to proceed (or not to) with a change.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Why Business needs to be Agile?

A short humankind history (self-developed model proposal)

Change or die business paradigm (exponential growth, shortening company life)

What companies seek in that change? (known research results)

Goal: to change mid-sized company

A word of our existing clients (insurance, finance, retail)

There is a good reason why command and control structure is there (vs. startup)

Physics vs. "software": where we normally advise not to experiment (construction, power plant, army or commanding a submarine)? Based on what do we make this decision?

Which organizations are we building?

What are key points in building an Agile company (self-developed model proposal)

One key differentiator, which was created before Agile (Learning org. by Senge)

Middle managers are key for transformation (self-developed model proposal)

Composing the practical Agile company framework

Structuring value flow by type (self-developed model proposal)

Innovating with Agile – what does exist? (Design thinking, Agile Innovation, IDEO etc.)

Developing with Agile – “classic” Agile frameworks

Delivering with Agile – becoming Lean and managing flow

Who are helpers? Sales, Marketing, Finance

Basic Agile company framework (self-developed model proposal)

Outcomes (Agile should be empowered by Lean practices)

Coaching questions for leaders

Learning Outcome

Agile appeared as a new way of working on software for a team. It lacks ideas for business decisions at scale. Lean appeared as innovate way of improving production flow of common items produced at scale, it lacks ideas for rapid constant change at all levels. There are number of already developed technics for scaling Agile and improving flow which can be used to build a new, “software-based” company of the future. One of key elements is to understand the business goal(s) and to align technics along.

Target Audience

Corporate Change agents, Executives, Senior managers, Business Agile coaches.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile & Lean very basics, Corporate business structure in general.

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