Tales and Stories of Inertia and Momentum

Tales and stories of Inertia and Momentum - of failure, ambivalence and success. We often badge Agile is an IT initiative - but that simply results in a fast hamster wheel sat within a clockwork organisation. The friction gets too much and slows the good work back down, stifling the value. I will tell stories of my experiences in delivering holistic Business Agility to different organisations - helping the whole organisation ‘enable’ agility. I'll cover what has worked and more importantly, what hasn’t.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  1. The goal
  2. Tales of woe
  3. Tales of success
  4. Approaches to experiment with

Learning Outcome

Real life stories of implementing business agility, examples of what does work, what doesn't work and experiments to trial.

Target Audience

Executives in organisations and change agents.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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