Since April 2017, BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgian entity of the banking actor BNP Paribas started their Agile@Scale transformation. Their roadmap ambitions to incorporate the entire bank into a scaled agile model by 2020. At the moment, they embarked 3000 people into Tribes and Squads, and this represents 80% IT, 20% Business. As from 2018, the proportion of Business actors in the Tribes will grow exponentially, until roughly 70% of the BNP Paribas Fortis organisation (13.000 employees) is organised in Tribes. Together, they will be delivering incremental, fast value for the customer, no matter what the customer segment, product, service or activity they cover. The core driver is bringing Customer Journeys to the centre of any reflexion, design, delivery and servicing. The main challenge is bridging the gaps between IT and business functioning. The eye-opener foreseen for the audience is that true Enterprise Agility model is a journey, but is possible, even in a bank.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  1. The target operating model 2020
  2. What we need to enable to get there
  3. What we have done already
  4. What are the challenges we experienced
  5. What did we learn so far

Learning Outcome

  • How to approach a transformation ambition in a big organisation: frameworks, phases, timeline, enablers
  • How to take the organisational culture into account
  • How to embark the business parties into a scaling model
  • How to combine the business activities and IT in a coherent “Customer Journey to idea to deliverable” lifecycle
  • How to approach the Change Management from an Enterprise Agility perspective

Target Audience

Any business that want to/has started to agilise, yet struggles with the complexity of size of their organisation AND is interested in bridging the gap between IT and Business.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some general knowledge of SAFe, Spotify and agile methods is preferred.

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