Modern Agile - It's the outcome stupid...Disrupting the cult of practices.

Some experienced Agilists understand that you might start with practices but only as a means to an end. Lean organizations easily eschew practices replacing them with more effective practices. Always measuring business outcomes and optimizing for the flow of value is key. Toyota is not a Lean company, but rather a manufacturing and sales company that use lean principles to better deliver to their customers. The real end is business agility and improved outcomes.

We would probably not value a concert watching a musician play scales, practicing scales is a way of becoming a disciplined musician better able to use their instrument, but not the ultimate goal of that practice.

All to often people focus solely on the practices and become attached to them as unchanging rituals. I would like to destroy the cult status of these practices and focus on how they can be used to improve outcomes and why you should change them if better outcomes are available.

The Modern Agile Principles proposed by Josh Kerievsky
- Make People Awesome
- Deliver Value Continuously
- Experiment & Learn Rapidly
- Make Safety a Prerequisite

During this interactive session we will explore the four principles, the value of those outcomes and how you might achieve those outcomes without fixating on particular practices.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

I will give a brief introduction to the 4 principles of Modern Agile

I will present an initial introduction to lean and the idea of disruptive process improvement and an outcome focus. I will use Toyota and Amazon as examples of companies that focus primarily on Value and change processes and practices to best deliver that value.

For each of the principles I will call for the audience to shout out a business outcome that we could get metrics on to show improvement. We will then explore possible changes in current practices or adoption of Non-Agile practices to drive that metric

Interactive debrief

Learning Outcome

  • Basic understanding of Modern Agile
  • How moving towards outcomes rather than practices moves business agility
  • Practices must change and there is no true one way

Target Audience

Agile practitioners to transformation leaders.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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