We have learned about the importance of double loop learning in the retrospective process. However, to truly evolve an agile consciousness, which protects us against slipping backward into unhelpful old practices, we need to dig deeper and focus on triple loop learning. Agile leaders are particularly called upon to bring themselves into this process, acting as true servant leaders through their own developmental process and contribution.

In this talk, we’ll look at how mere learning can keep us stuck and prevent true development and how triple loop learning—and it’s related practices—help us evolve developmentally. In the process, we’ll understand why every agile transformation is personal and how the agile leader’s greatest act of service to the community is to develop herself.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Set the context for leadership in an agile adoption as an act of service.
  • Review the servant leadership "best test."
  • Overview single, double, and triple loop learning.
  • Describe practices that engender true development and triple loop learning and relate them to the agile context.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the outcome of servant leadership.
  • Be able to identify single, double, and triple loop learning.
  • Be able to cite practices that can result in triple loop learning.
  • Be able to express whether triple loop learning is happening and what value it may bring to your organization's flagging agile adoption.

Target Audience

Individuals who see themselves as agile leaders ready to take their service to the next level.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • A basic understanding and alignment with the concept of servant leadership.
  • Experience leading an agile adoption.
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