Four Lenses to Refresh Your Vision of Agility

Every agile leader is, at times, pressed for a vision—or refreshed vision—of what it will be like “when we’re agile.” Vision is critical to both moving people forward and motivating coherent action across a population.

True agility includes the capacity to be chaordic—to support order emerging from chaos. Dee Hock, the leader who brought us the Visa card as the first inter-institutional form of consumer credit, developed key thinking around agility decades before “Agile” became a commonly used term. A key portion of that thinking was four lenses for looking at an organization or situation that can help us create a memorable vision and the motivating factors for achieving it.

In this talk, we’ll explore Hock’s four key questions that helped him create Visa, the result of an agile project ahead of its time. These four questions, while simple, are powerful in lifting us out of a slump and motivating us to create a path forward toward a bright, commonly held, and desirable future.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Overview of the value of vision to motivate action.
  • Examples of unclear vision resulting in stalled agility.
  • Overview of the challenges in creating Visa.
  • Introduction of Hock's four lenses.
  • Application of the lenses to cases.

Learning Outcome

  • Refreshed understanding of the value of vision the pursuit of agility.
  • Understanding of the Hock's four lenses.
  • Application of the four lenses to the attendee's situation.

Target Audience

Leaders responsible for creating and sustaining vision in a group or organization.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites.

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