A story about a company transformation led from the leadership team that encouraged high-performing teams, the right environment for motivation, ownership, and accountability.

Using Simon's Organizational Change model and Team Culture model, Simon will tell the story of an organization’s journey from dysfunction to high-performance.

Both models are used to provide real practical steps for leadership, mid-level managers, supporting functions, and product developers to work together to make a more successful organization. The two models are taught as part of Simon's ICAgile-Accredited Enterprise Agility MasterClass, and are also detailed in his forthcoming book.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

This will be presented in a story format over 20 minutes

Learning Outcome

An understanding of Simon's Organizational Change model and how it can be used to set an organization on the path to high-performance.

An understanding of Simon's Team culture model and how it can be used to set a team(s) on the path to high-performance

Target Audience

execs, directors, consultants, coaches, practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be interested and curious about people and how they organise themselves.

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