location_city Sydney schedule Sep 24th 11:20 - 11:40 AM place Business Agility Australia 2018

Almost all companies need to get better, faster, cheaper and happier! But how? Business Agility is an option but changing culture is not easy and having teams learn and do all the Agile practices is not enough.
Conway’s law, which states that at the root of all complex systems and processes lie complex structure, is so true and this talk is all about what needs to change in traditional organisational structures in order to drive business agility and deliver great outcomes.

The talk is based on hands-on experience over the last 12 years in structurally transforming organisations to an Agile way of working and will cover how to deal with issues of scale, org design and resistance to change.
This presentation will walk through the why what and how of the entire approach, sharing the good and gory experiences, the successes and the pitfalls.


Target Audience

Developers working on applications that can be modelled using state machines (e.g. web applications) who want to test more complex properties of their software.plex properties of their software.



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